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PR101: If You Want Copies From Reporters….

Don’t expect reporters to send copies of articles or interviews. The presumption is that you normally read, listen, or watch their work so there’s no need for them to make copies. On the other hand…. Reporters for distant publications not available locally will often mail clips as a matter of courtesy. It helps to supply […]

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PR101: What To Do In A Crisis

Groups and individuals in the news are often remarkably accessible until problems arise. Then, suddenly, people aren’t in, calls aren’t returned, and folks who once burned-up the phone lines looking for coverage disappear. The “take to the hills” response to bad news cedes all promotional ground to one’s adversaries and critics. There’s no possibility of […]

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PR: It’s Okay To Be Imperfect

If your story concept is good, if your idea is compelling, then it should be open to discussion and criticism. Not only does open debate make for a better story, it also demonstrates an essential strength, character and dimension that makes something, or someone, newsworthy and credible. As an example, in the early 1970’s a […]

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How To Become A Media “Authority Figure” And Be Quoted In The News

While packaging is part of the promotion game, another part depends on the status of the packager. “Authority figures,” people who can be identified in some way, are important in journalism because covering, quoting or citing them gives depth and credibility to stories. The “person on the street” and the “family from Peoria,” represent the […]

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7 Ways To Build A Successful News Story

It’s always news when the circus comes to town or a new teenage spelling champ is proclaimed, even though everyone has heard these stories before. Such events are newsworthy only because promoters have taken standardized stories and added a little spice, a new twist and some updating to make them current. Here are seven quick […]

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10 Ways To Kill A News Story

With so many media outlets looking for good stories, you’d think most promoters would have little trouble getting ideas circulated. Yet many valid story concepts are never covered for the oddest of reasons: The promoter prevents coverage! This sounds like an utter contradiction of purpose and intent, but it happens more frequently than anyone might […]

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Media Marketing Rules — How To Win At PR

Every profession and industry has a particular way of doing business, a series of standards and approaches that distinguish “insiders” from the rest of the world. If you’re in the field, you know where the boundaries are, what constitutes professionally-appropriate behavior, and where corners can be cut. In the relationship between journalists and promoters there […]

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PR And The Big Business Connection

In the early 1900s big business was the subject of scathing articles and books by such muckrakers as Upton Sinclair and Ida Tarbell. There were few industry spokesmen to respond, a gap soon filled by business writers who quickly saw that they could earn more as publicity agents than as journalists. The use of publicity […]

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