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Individual Letters: A Productive News Release Alternative

There’s little doubt that the simple news release is the single most common form of promotion. Releases are so common it’s tough to write one that stands out, but even if someone creates an interesting release, one has to ask: Is a news release the best way to reach the media? We live in an […]

19Sep2009 | | 0 comments | Continued

The Unwritten PR Rules, Part 2: Promotional “Don’ts”

What is it that irritates reporters? The list below is at least a good place to start. Avoid blanket emails. Sending releases to six reporters at the same outlet and at the same time in the hopes of coverage by each can be a disaster. In the worst possible case, each reporter will develop a […]

2Jul2009 | | 0 comments | Continued

PR: Is There Room For The Little Guy?

With all the resources commanded by large companies, big associations and huge governmental agencies, it would seem as though individuals and small organizations could not compete for media attention. After all, don’t big organizations dominate the media if only because they’re so large? In a word, no. Every year Fortune magazine identifies the 500 largest […]

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