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PR101: If You Want Copies From Reporters…. :

PR101: If You Want Copies From Reporters….

Don’t expect reporters to send copies of articles or interviews. The presumption is that you normally read, listen, or watch their work so there’s no need for them to make copies. On the other hand….

Reporters for distant publications not available locally will often mail clips as a matter of courtesy. It helps to supply a stamped, self-addressed envelope.

Radio hosts will often make a program disk, especially if you ask.

Television producers rarely supply videos. The only solution here is to show up for a program with your own blank tape and to then ask the producer to make a copy. Most will agree.

Newletter reporters and publishers will generally provide copies of their material after publication, the logic being that circulation is limited.

Stuff on the Internet, of course, is readily available from the moment of posting unless hidden behind a wall. If hidden, register for the site. If there is a huge cost to subscribe, then ask the reporter for a PDF.

Receiving a copy of a report in which you’re featured should not be seen as a license to reproduce the material or to use it commercially. If you want more than courtesy, be certain to obtain appropriate permission in writing.

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