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2009 July :

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Media Marketing Rules — How To Win At PR

Every profession and industry has a particular way of doing business, a series of standards and approaches that distinguish “insiders” from the rest of the world. If you’re in the field, you know where the boundaries are, what constitutes professionally-appropriate behavior, and where corners can be cut. In the relationship between journalists and promoters there […]

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The Unwritten PR Rules, Part 3: Promotional “Cautions”

It can be tricky interacting with journalists. One one hand they greatly value smart PR folks, on the other not every promoter knows how they game is played. Here are some “cautions” to consider. Don’t expect journalists to be your promoters. The role of a reporter is to report. Except for advocacy forums such as […]

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The Unwritten PR Rules, Part 2: Promotional “Don’ts”

What is it that irritates reporters? The list below is at least a good place to start. Avoid blanket emails. Sending releases to six reporters at the same outlet and at the same time in the hopes of coverage by each can be a disaster. In the worst possible case, each reporter will develop a […]

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The Unwritten PR Rules, Part 1: Promotional “Do’s”

How can you succeed with the media? Here are the basic do’s, steps you ought to take with every report and news outlet. Customize Materials To the extent possible, tailor your efforts to individual reporters and media outlets. All media outlets, even those competing in the same field or for the same audience, have distinct […]

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